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About us

Providing the best of technical and creative conpetence with the efficiences of nearshore/offshore development. Members of our team have worked both for and with a wide range of clients ranging from start up businesses through to enterprise and govermental organisations.

We now work with a range of clients across the Globe on cutting edge digital projects, including the latest thinking around social and big data as well as high powered search.

We are also equally suited to small, agile projects for leaner and start up businesses.

Recent Portfolio

Auto Commerce Australia

At Auto Commerce Australia, we understand your business. We have more than two decades of experience building and managing automotive businesses.

Specialising in automotive eCommerce with a heavy focus on parts and accessories we can help deliver a 21st century solution to grow your business and train your staff in how to manage these new and exciting opportunities..

Racquel Lacson 26RL

Studio 26 dramatically changed the Bridal Makeup & Hair industry internationally, specifically the Lower Mainland, BC Canada. It goes above and beyond in offering services that include 24/7 communication through established technology which allows clients to organize and keep track of their online account. An emphasis is placed on providing a full on bridal dress rehearsal including complete makeup, hair, dressing and photography. As a result, the client and artist collaborate to ensure that their vision becomes a reality..

Studio 26 is grounded in the core values of CLIENT FOCUS, DISCIPLINE and PERFECTION.

Study chinese

Our aim is to help you acquire the Chinese language skills that will not only enhance your experience in China, but will reward you as an investment throughout your life. Study Chinese qualified and exciting language instructors teach you to speak, write, and read Mandarin so you can join the 1.3 billion-person (and growing!) family already using this beautiful language.

For businesses, Study Chinese corporate Chinese language training not only gives employees enhanced self-confidence, but also provides companies with a competitive advantage in the complex and ever-changing global working environment.Study Chinese is fully acknowledged as a Chinese insitute which offers a high level of quality in all the services it provides and is officially registered.

PayCheck Connection

Over 35 Years of Experience Helping Small Business Boost Profits.

For over three decades, we have helped our clients improve their business performance. We are a turnkey business outsourcing solution that takes away much of the time-wasting, profit-draining administrative work in your company, freeing you to focus on your bottom line.


As a team, we combine knowledge of food and lifestyle coaching in one. We believe there is a need for customized nutrition. There is not one perfect way of nurturing your body. That’s why we created Kuasa, to meet those specific needs.

We also know that changing your diet takes more than a grocery list. You need the proper knowledge and mindset. So we will share far more than technical aspects of food.

Our mission is to create awareness of the importance of nutrition for our mental and physical health. We do that by developing products that are produced as sustainable as possible.

compare web quotes

Compare Web Quotes is an online company based in Australia aimed at making your search for the right web designer for your business much more pleasant and easier.

When you use the service we offer at Compare Web Quotes you submit your website design requirements a long with other additional information to help assist in getting an accurate quotation and 5 Web Designers will respond to you within 48 hours with real quotes.